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Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in the data center. Since 2001, F5 and Oracle have collaborated to deliver market-leading Application Delivery Networking solutions that are proven to improve performance of your Oracle applications by up to 5x.

Oracle and F5 have jointly documented the interoperability of F5 solutions with many of the most mission-critical technologies throughout the Oracle stack. In fact, Oracle uses F5 solutions for all of its own enterprise applications, as well as Oracle On Demand and Oracle Cloud services.

E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite is a comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that can help you make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

When you deploy F5 solutions with Oracle E-Business Suite, you get an integrated, adaptable network platform that ensures secure, fast, and available access for applications running across the LAN and WAN. F5 solutions are designed and tested specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite to help you simplify management, reduces costs and increase ROI, and improve security.

Make a great first impression

Improve the speed of first-time visits to Oracle E-Business Suite by 40 percent across an entire transaction over the WAN.

Streamline your infrastructure

Offload processor-intensive tasks, including caching, compression, and SSL processing, and centralized certificate management and authentication.

Improve application performance and user satisfaction

For repeat visits to your Oracle E-Business Suite applications, F5 provides a performance increase of more than 50 percent—only slightly higher than the same transaction directly on the LAN.

Speed deployment cycles

Step-by-step deployment guides, tested and proven processes, and an iApps configuration template for Oracle E-Business Suite help you dramatically reduce deployment time—and associated costs.

Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a complete, integrated, and business-driven enterprise cloud management solution.

F5 and Oracle have collaborated for more than a decade to ensure that joint customers benefit from secure, fast, and available Enterprise Manager implementations. F5 and Oracle have created carefully documented, fine-tuned, and proven solutions, including the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) solution, which helps you lower your total cost of ownership and increase your return on technology investments.

Scale for high availability

Get intelligent, optimized traffic management, high availability, and simple scalability for Oracle Enterprise Manager deployments with F5 solutions.

Enable business continuity and disaster recovery

Intelligently direct traffic across data centers to ensure continuous availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Reduce management complexities and costs

Use the F5 plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager and reduce the cost and complexity of managing applications that rely on F5 and Oracle technologies.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Take advantage of the F5 and Oracle partnership to ensure a fast and reliable deployment. Proven processes, step-by-step deployment guides, and an iApps configuration template for Enterprise Manager 12c help reduce deployment time and configuration mistakes.


Oracle PeopleSoft

Designed to address your organization’s most complex business requirements, Oracle PeopleSoft applications are comprehensive business and industry solutions that help you increase productivity and accelerate business performance.

F5 provides the networking foundation these business-critical enterprise applications. F5 and Oracle work together to create joint solutions that ensure your PeopleSoft applications are always available, perform across the WAN at LAN speeds, and are protected with granular, application-specific security.

Deliver responsive applications

Improve the speed of first-time visits to Oracle PeopleSoft applications by more than 50 percent across an entire transaction over the WAN.

Keep your critical business moving

You can ensure that PeopleSoft applications are always available using intelligent health checks and advanced traffic management features.

Secure your applications and data

Gain peace of mind that F5’s web application firewall protects your applications and data as PeopleSoft users connect over the Internet.

Reduce hardware costs

Using SSL processing, caching, and compression, F5 solutions can help you reduce your hardware dependency by up to 40 percent while improving server productivity.

Speed deployment times

Reduce and simplify deployment cycles with comprehensive deployment guides and optimized configuration profiles and policies for PeopleSoft applications.


Oracle Siebel

As the world’s most complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Oracle Siebel CRM helps organizations manage all customer-facing operations to maximize top- and bottom-line growth.

F5 and Oracle have worked together to ensure F5 solutions deliver superior user experiences by improving Siebel performance, simplifying deployment and management, and increasing application delivery efficiency.

Speed application performance

Watch the performance of your Siebel applications soar—between 30 to 500 percent—when you use F5 solutions.

Reduce bandwidth needs

Achieve up to an 87 percent reduction in bandwidth utilization using intelligent compression delivered with F5 solutions.

Improve server efficiency

F5 solutions can offload more than 70 percent of your server connections for Siebel applications with TCP connection multiplexing.

Decrease deployment times

Reduce and simplify deployment cycles with comprehensive deployment guides, optimized configuration policies, and an iApps configuration template for Siebel applications.

Database, RAC, and MySQL

Oracle Database, RAC, and MySQL

Oracle Database solutions give IT departments a solid foundation to deliver increasing amounts of information with a higher quality of service while reducing IT costs through consolidation and more efficient management.

F5 and Oracle work together to deliver fast and secure access to enterprise applications and data. F5’s tested and proven solutions for Oracle Database, Real Application Cluster (RAC), and MySQL ensure database agility and faster data replication over the WAN. With F5, you can deliver an application and database architecture that optimizes the user experience and ensures data integrity on a global scale.

Improve operational agility

With F5 solutions for Oracle Database, you can use your network to monitor and manage your databases with ease and without disruption.

Scale to a global level

Architect applications and databases that help you ensure data integrity and deliver a seamless experience to users worldwide.

Accelerate data replication

Use F5 solutions to replicate data over the WAN up to 9x faster by compressing, deduplicating, and optimizing traffic.

Ensure end-to-end security

Get comprehensive, end-to-end protection—from client, to application, to database—to secure your data and your business.


Oracle Beehive

Oracle Beehive is a unified communication and collaboration platform that provides a full range of services to help enterprises increase productivity, speed decision-making, and improve operational efficiency.

F5 solutions maximize the performance and ROI of Oracle Beehive deployments by improving performance, availability, security, and scalability. F5 and Oracle have worked together to develop best practices for deploying F5 solutions with Beehive, and the results are part of the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA).

Maximize server efficiency

Offload processor-intensive tasks, such as SSL processing, and save valuable server resources.

Deploy reliably and quickly

Reduce and simplify deployment cycles with comprehensive, step-by-step guidance for deploying F5 solutions with Oracle Beehive.

Deliver responsive applications

Optimize traffic across your network with intelligent traffic management, and deliver highly available applications that are ready when your users need them.

Scale when you need it

With F5 solutions, you can ensure that Oracle Beehive scales to meet the most demanding periods of peak workload.

Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware gives enterprises the ability to create innovative business apps that also maximize IT efficiency by taking advantage of modern architectures—and the cloud. Using modular, reusable components and the Oracle WebLogic Server application server, you can build and deploy apps and SOA services in traditional and cloud environments.

F5 works closely with Oracle to build joint solutions, providing an optimized and secure platform for delivering powerful Oracle apps across the LAN and WAN. F5 solutions for Oracle Fusion Middleware include Identity Management, SOA, WebCenter, and WebLogic Server and are part of the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA).

Achieve LAN speed over the WAN

F5 speeds the download of a document over the WAN from Oracle Portal by more than 22x, reaching near LAN speed over the WAN.

Reduce page load times

The F5 Application Ready Solution for Oracle Fusion Middleware can help you reduce Oracle Portal page load times by more than 60 percent.

Minimize stress on servers

F5 solutions for Oracle reduce resource consumption by offloading processor-intensive tasks from Fusion Middleware apps to F5 devices.

Speed deployment

The F5 platform provides security policies and optimization profiles that are custom-built for Oracle apps, helping to dramatically reduce deployment cycles.


Oracle Cloud

Oracle cloud and engineered systems are purpose-built to meet the most demanding application and database workloads in the world.

F5 solutions provide strategic points of control in the data center, ensuring high availability, accelerating applications, and providing incremental security. When F5 solutions are combined with Oracle engineered systems, organizations can create a holistic and enterprise architecture for the data center and cloud.

Maximize server capacity

Offload CPU-intensive processes from Oracle Exalogic and Exadata and you can double your capacity to process business logic and handle database queries.

Speed database replication over the WAN

Accelerate Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance database replication over the WAN by up to 30x.

Enhance security

Protect applications and data with user access control, encryption, and web application security.

Additional Oracle Applications

Additional Oracle Applications

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